A complete
BIM solution
for the foodservice market

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We simply want to make sure your work is getting easier and faster.

User friendly and easy to master

Smart interface and comprehensive icons make your job easier

Easy synchronization of project and offer

It converts your project into an offer and it permits you to import products from the quotation to a drawing

Autodesk Revit compatible

In the first step MasterChef BIM is compatible with the latest version of Revit (except LT) and it uses .rfa file format

Customization elements

You can automatically create your own bar counters, self service distribution systems, neutral parametric items, hoods etc.

Automatic live updates

Libraries and software updates are downloaded automatically by MSCLiveUpdate

Time saving

All technical and commercial information about equipment just one click away


New Feature: Parametric neutral 3D elements creation

New MasterChef BIM command to create in Revit  your customized neutral equipment. For example, you can set on the fly the configuration different element in your special model such as top, door (sliding door or hinged door), pass through element, wheels or legs, etc

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New Feature: Automatic configuration of 3D accessories

New MasterChef BIM command to create in Revit  your configuration of the accessories related to the product. For example, in a refrigerated table you can switch right door to left door, drawers instead door, etc

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New Feature: E-catalog

New MasterChef BIM command to insert the items from an electronic catalog with all the information attached to the blocks

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MasterChef Apps

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    About BIM

    MasterChef BIM is the professional version to create 3D drawings and quotations compatible with Autodesk REVIT from the 2015 version.

    Customer target: “Working on big public and private projects, we need to manage the BIM workflow creating also bespoke items.”

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    About CAD

    MasterChef CAD is the professional version to create 3D drawings and quotations compatible with AutoCAD from 2007 to 2014 (not LT and 2009), Architectural Desktop and Bricscad V13 and V14 PRO.

    Customer target: “Our company has a CAD layout department that creates medium/big projects and we need to manage tailor made items and installation points. We already work with AutoCAD or Bricscad”

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    About Sketch

    MasterChef Sketch is the simplified version for a quick 3D representation of the project and quotation.

    Customer target: “Our company needs to create small/medium projects and we don’t need to manage tailor made items and installation points. Usually we don’t use AutoCAD.”

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    About Quote

    MasterChef Quote is the version only for the creation and management of quotations.

    Customer target: “Our company needs only to create quotations or we have a commercial department that manages the offers created from our CAD layout department. “

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    About Maintenance

    MasterChef Maintenance is the new software of MasterChef Suite aimed to the after-sales departments. It permits to manage the breakdown and time based maintenance.

    Customer target: “I need to be able to organize company resources and reduce operating costs, providing an efficient service to my customers.”

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    About Organizer

    MasterChef Organizer is designed for the companies that must manage multiple commercial quantities of technical data. Often, this information is stored in different and unrelated archives.

    Customer target: “I’m a manufacturer who needs a solution to create and manage the technical and commercial data of my equipment, to create and update pricelists and technical sheets, to share the data with my ERP system and with my website.”


We have analyzed how the manufacturers are preparing themselves for the new Building Information Modeling way to design. At the moment there are few contents creators in the world and through our investigation we found the actual situation.

BIM models soon available in MSC BIM

BIM for Foodservice

In many countries the use of BIM standard software will be a legal obligation for all public projects and, almost certainly, for all big projects. BIM is not a unique software but a new standard of design and communication between different parties. There is great confusion due to different national laws and standards in the world, even for what concerns the world of FSE.
  • FCSI Standard

  • UK Standard

  • Australian and New Zealand Standard

  • Dutch Standard

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